Live casino games

In recent years, practically all the best online casinos have offered different types of games on their sites, live casinos among them. However, what are the main differences between playing at an online casino and a live casino? In general aspects, it could be said that online casinos are already the “traditional ones”, where most users just go to play in their own browser/device. On the other hand, live casinos aim to be more realistic, trying to offer the closest to the real experience to their players, creating a whole world of new casino games.

The main characteristic of the live casino, which makes it different from other types, is that they offer a way of accessing casino games in a unique and direct way. The user enters a gaming room, just like in online casinos, but this time he can see the different rivals through live video broadcasting and sometimes with a chat as well. Apart from that, a real person assumes the role of the dealer, unlike the online version where the dealer is a computer program.

Live casinos: a way of bringing the real game to the players

Real rooms, professional croupiers and a whole table full of real players against whom to participate in any casino game. That is what the live casino offers, which also introduces live chat and the possibility of seeing the rest of the opponents when they make any play on the go. This opens up a very wide range of possibilities, especially in games like poker, where a glance can give away any user. This creates the perfect opportunity to try some of the most advanced poker strategies. In order to get to live casinos, it is only necessary to have the aforementioned elements, such as a camera on the computer, and first of all, create an account with which users can recognize themselves and start playing. On many occasions, welcome bonuses are even provided so that every player can start their games quickly.

In contrast, online casinos are being considered now the traditional option. They do not have the interaction and dose of reality that live casinos provide, but they allow users to play at any time. It can be played directly in the browser that supports the platform’s website, and only sometimes it is necessary to download additional free software.

Croupiers – The defining quality of live casinos

The distinguishing characteristic of live casinos is the existence of a dealer at each gaming table. This is a person who is a fundamental part of the betting process since they must be very well trained to carry out all the games on offer. Regardless of the game, the dealer is responsible for placing the bets of the players, who carry out this activity through the internet. The dealer will see what bets are being made and will place real chips on the game table to symbolize the bets and emulate a real casino. The training of these staff is very important, which is why live casinos tend to choose their workers very well. It should be noted that any live roulette casino dealer knows the rules of each game perfectly and applies them during each game.

Online casinos continue to be the more played option by the platform users

Due to its ease of access and the great variety of games it houses, the online casino continues to be the preferred one for the user platform. Those interested can play as much as they want on their computer, without leaving home, and the multitude of casino sites out there makes it even easier to find the possibility to play. Finally, the great success of these casino games is derived in turn from the facilities provided by the pages. On many occasions, as already mentioned, welcome bonuses or prizes are given for playing during a certain time. This gives great value to these pages and makes them better received. But this trend might change in the coming years, since the development of virtual reality and augmented reality technology is fast advancing; meaning that more users might switch to live casinos to enjoy these new experiences.