Poker Strategies

So, you go to your favourite online casino to play Texas Holdem Poker but you are feeling like no matter what you do, your rounds aren’t getting any better? Or maybe you are just looking for advice and tips before betting in your first hand and enter this world with a bang? Well, with these advanced casino strategies you can improve your game and feel like a professional every time you play.

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The Continuation Bet

Like tell us in their articles, In poker, you will not win only if you bet only when you have good hands. It is impossible because in the long term you will not have enough of them. But this doesn’t mean that you always have to bluff. In this limbo, we find the continuation bet or C-bet (as you might hear more often), one of the advanced poker strategies with which you will continue to attack once the flop has come out, even if you have not hit. An example: You have an Ace-K hand and you raise preflop, the big blind calls and you are alone. Low cards come out of the first three cards. What do you do then? A bad player would pass, you will continue betting. It’s not bluffing, as you probably still have the strongest high card hand. Another function of this online poker strategy is to prevent your rival from pursuing his plans. That is, if it has four hearts and we make the pot more expensive, we will prevent him from wiping us out with a colour.

Although a pretty solid strategy, it isn’t a “magic bullet”, so don’t go for the C-bet in these situations:

  • When you believe that an opponent may have a superior hand (three of a kind/set, full house, flush or straight, for example).
  • If there are still many players in the hand. Remember that you don’t necessarily have a winning hand. Against one player you are probably ahead, but against 4 there are fewer possibilities.
  • If someone has bet before and you lose the initiative. This also works if you weren’t aggressive enough before the flop.

Block Bet

This type of bet differs from the C-bet in the fact that you are probably not ahead. In both, you don’t have an absolutely winning hand and you don’t have a position, but they are slightly different. How? Well, in the blocking bet you will probably go behind, but you bet first to prevent a higher one from the opponent. For instance, if you have 9-10 and, on the flop, you see 8-J-A with a total of 4 hearts, after holding a slight raise from the big blind. One option would be to check to see if the fifth card comes out (for both a straight and a flush), but a much smarter move is to make a small raise. The opponent probably has the Ace, which will prevent him from making a big bet, since the light preflop bet reveals that the Ace is not very well accompanied or that he has a pair of figures without an Ace. Like everything in online poker, this strategy has a very clear risk: that the rival with the Ace looks like a winner and responds with a check-raise, so keep that in mind.

Check-raise: a double-edged sword

The check-raise is one of the most effective online poker strategies to get rid of aggressive players, seeking to show weakness and then hunting them down like an unsuspecting prey. In this sense, it would be similar to the check-call, but when you do not have a monster (a monster is a set, a full house, a straight, a flush, or even a poker), simply a hand with which you will go ahead of your rival. Ultimately, you are looking to substitute a value bet that your opponent might not call for a check-raise. You will look at his bluff having shown weakness with the check.

These poker strategies are not foolproof and may well not work. Even advanced players can fail, as these strategies are designed to counteract each other, and even if you apply one, you don’t know which one the opponent will apply. The other players play too! The truth is that learning to control them will maximize your chances of long-term success.