Online Roulette

When choosing the right roulette strategy, you should decide according to your playing style and your budget. Some systems are very aggressive, which means that the bet size increases rapidly and involves a certain degree of risk. Other strategies string many small profits together for a moderate profit. These systems are more conservative and less aggressive, perfect if you are starting with mobile casino games. Here are some of the things that you have to be aware of.

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Minimum bet and maximum bet

There are so-called table limits in normal casinos as well as in the best UK online casinos. Usually, there is a minimum bet that you must place on each coup. In addition, the maximum bet size can be limited to an amount. The minimum bet varies: while the smallest chip in the casino can be set to £5 or £10, you can play from just a few cents in the online casino. Even live dealer roulette is possible from £ 0.50 or even less. The max bet is a problem when playing strategies that involve increasing the bets, such as the Martingale or Fibonacci strategy. If you hit the table limit, you will no longer be able to make up for previous losses in the round.

Roulette game type

There are different types of roulette and not every variant is suitable for every strategy. In a single number betting system, you should definitely play La Partage Roulette as this is the most beneficial of the casino games. In American roulette, there is the double zero, which can be important for the Andrucci system. It also increases the house edge to more than 5 percent. All strategies with betting on the characteristics should definitely be used in European roulette.

Payout percentage

Not every bet in roulette pays equally well. The simple chances have a payout ratio of 1: 1. As a result, with most progression systems with this type of bet, you can only show a profit of one basic stake after each game round. In systems that place multiple bets and thus cover multiple numbers, these also payout differently. The 3 2 strategy is based on one colour and one column, which pay 1: 1 and 2: 1 respectively. If only the stake on the property is won, you make such a small profit that a coup previously lost cannot be compensated for. So pay attention to how much you really need to win to make up for bad luck.

Online roulette strategy: Labouchere

Labouchere is an interesting strategy because the player sets himself a profit target. In contrast to the Martingale, the stakes are not doubled, which is why the strategy is less aggressive. The theory and rules may seem complicated, but even beginners can try this system out.

The player sets an amount that he wants to win in total, around £100. This sum is divided into smaller units that together make up the profit target. The individual amounts are noted as a series. Before each coup, the player adds up the numbers at the beginning and end of the sequence and bets this amount. If you win, the two numbers are crossed off. If lost, the total is added as the last number in the sequence. (you can learn more about this famous table game by visiting The profit target is achieved when all numbers are crossed off.