Online Poker

Since its origin, Poker has undergone modifications in order to find more and exciting ways to play or that require greater control by the players. This has resulted in the existence of a wide repertoire of types of poker in which the characteristics vary and that has been more or less well-received by the players, like Pai Gow poker, which you can read about more at The most popular of these variants for more than two decade is Texas Holdem, but almost all types of poker are common among the best online casino operators and it is worth knowing the characteristics of each of them to find the one that it is best suited to our tastes.

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Texas Holdem Poker

Among all the different types of online poker, this is the most popular among casino games. Each player receives 2 cards (that are known only to them) and then up to 5 cards, which are available for everybody, are placed on the table. The players will be able to make use of their 2 own cards and the 5 common ones to make the best possible play. There are 4 rounds of betting that are preflop (only with the owned cards), Flop (with 3 of the cards on the table), Turn (with 4 of the cards on the table) and River (with 5 of the cards on the table).

So much is the popularity of this game that Texas Holdem tournaments and events with thousands of participants are played every year, such as the WSOP, in which millionaire prizes are available for only the best bettors. In almost any casino, no matter how small, Texas Holdem tables are available and it is of course the type of poker with the most professional players and with the most complete poker strategies guides.

5 Card Draw Poker

The first steps of most poker players start with the 5 Card Draw, moving usually after to other forms like Texas Holdem. In 5 Card Draw, five cards are dealt to each player, and a betting round will take place. Then there will be a discard and after this a second and final round of betting. In the event that the showdown is reached and several players reach the end of the last betting round, the player with the highest play of its 5 cards will win the hand. It is also known for classic poker as it’s the most traditional between the types of poker.

5 Card Stud

This is one of the most peculiar types of poker that is very popular in the United States. It has the peculiarity that only one of the player’s own cards is dealt face down, the rest being visible, giving out a lot of information to other participants. Before the first betting round, 2 cards are dealt to each player, one being covered and the other uncovered. A betting round occurs and one more uncovered card is dealt to each player, and so on until 5 cards have been dealt to each player with 4 betting rounds in total.

7 Card Stud

The 7 card stud Poker is one of the versions that can take the longest to master. It is very similar to the previous one with the difference that the total of cards that are 7 cards distributed to each player. In the initial deal 3 cards are given to each player, 2 being covered and one uncovered. After the betting round, 1 more revealed card is dealt to each player, then a new round of betting will take place. The process is repeated with the 5th and 6th cards, which will also be revealed and each will lead to another round of betting. The last card or “River” will be covered and after it the last betting round will take place.


Omaha is an advanced version of Texas Holdem and one of the most modern and complicated types of poker played on the internet. 4 of the player’s own cards are covered and dealt to each player. After each card is dealt there are 4 rounds of betting: preflop, flop, turn and river. Each player may use only 2 of his own cards to make his move, and 3 of the common cards.